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Agile isn’t just for software development…

Agile methodology has become the go-to method of software development. Formally born in 2001, Agile is a management framework designed to accommodate the unpredictable and empirical world of software development with adaptive planning, self-propelled teams, and continuous improvement. Though strictly speaking Agile was created for… Read More

Wait, Wait…Before you start a Digital Transformation!

Digital transformation is the realignment of business models, processes, and technology to engage digital customers. For many, transformation has become an absolute business imperative as the information age permanently alters consumer behavior. How does one take stock before embarking on a transformation? Which questions do… Read More

Why Digital Strategy Comes First…

It happens often and always catches my attention that someone well-placed or high up in their company conflates digital strategy and technology strategy, or worse yet reverses the terms flat out. It’s a misnomer worth correcting because, with a turbulent decade of digital change ahead, every… Read More

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5 Lessons for a Data Business

This blog has it right, 5 very important points for any data business: Create proprietary benchmarks that set the standard in the market  Passive, anonymous data increases quality  All data has value, over time all value will become apparent  Link data and use it in… Read More