The right path isn't always obvious
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The founding of Digital Prism Advisors (dprism)

When I had the opportunity earlier this year to take the next step in my career, I decided to start a consulting business to help legacy successful companies with digital transformation. Many have asked why I have made this choice, and having considered many opportunities with other organizations large and small; here are my reasons:

  • I have a passion for digital transformation. The business potential is huge when considering the opportunities presented to a company in the digital economy, especially with legacy successful companies.
  • As a consultant I can stay focused on the subject and do not have to worry (as much) about the administrative and other distractions that come with an executive’s responsibilities in a large company.
  • The work is fun! We are eight people strong, and we like the work.
  • Starting a business is time consuming, but also very satisfying.

It is wonderful to have the opportunity to do what I have a passion for, to enjoy doing it, and to work with a great group of colleagues serving our clients.


  1. David Iocolano

    So very pleased to see how far you have travelled and the bright future ahead.
    Your old friend from Georgetown.

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