Technology Nexus Impacts Businesses at the Core

We are at the start of an evolution impacting all business at the core. Knowledge about the customer will grow rapidly to allow a business to target, engage and develop new products and services.

The Gartner ‘Nexus of Forces’  describes the convergence and mutual reinforcement of four interdependent trends: social interaction, mobility, cloud, and information. The forces combine to empower individuals as they interact with each other and their information through well-designed ubiquitous technology.

How does this impact your business? What business leverage is possible from this? What is the necessary technology strategy to support your business? What is the right business strategy to leverage these technology advances?

First of all, the business potential in the ‘nexus’ enabled market needs to be understood and a strategic plan addressing market potential, business operations and technology direction needs to be developed.

Second, in order to realize this potential, a comprehensive execution plan addressing the technology implementations, market interaction and business operations needs to be formulated.

Third, a culture of execution is essential to get it done.

Fourth, motivating and engaging the teams in each of the disciplines involved in making it happen is needed and demands for leadership qualities throughout.